About Us

The Lufodo group was established in 1985 first as a stage and film production company. It evolved in the following years and was incorporated on the 25th of September 2000 as a fully fledged media and entertainment services company. Lufodo Group is a company established in developing and producing a myriad of stories that will entertain, move and embrace mainstream audiences. We believe the time has come in the present day entertainment industry to reach audiences in the positive ways the storyteller of the past did.

Lufodo Group is an efficiently run company with a staff of highly trained and experienced professionals in various fields. During our more than ten years of service, there has been one overriding purpose as we seek to provide solutions to entertainment problems: We seek to amend, influence, and/or change the entertainment industry into a medium, which entertains audiences, while reaching their heart chords, making them think and feel deeply about the society in which we live.

We are committed to remain consciously aware of production responsibilities as prerequisite of the selection of any project. Our work environment is open, honest, creative and supportive as we encourage the views, ideas and opinions of our employees as our strength lies in the mandate to create and maintain brand in the industry.



To develop and deploy internationally benchmarked entertainment content for the stage, television and film industry.



  • To provide distinguished and original content for stage, TV and film.
  • To deliver world-class standards in entertainment projects.
  • To establish platforms that offers growth and productivity in the local entertainment sector.


  • Sincerity.
  • Hard-work.
  • Honesty & Responsibility.
  • Integrity in the industry.



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