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The Sisters

Story of a head of state who dies, and the sisters of the wife come together for the first time after a period of estrangement for his funeral. Many dark secrets are uncovered.

The sisters are about the battle with bitter truth and painful realities. It unravels the vanity and deceit that characterize the lives of the high and mighty in the society, and also stresses the transience of power and social status.

The president’s death provides an occasion for sisters to come to grips with these realities and re-examine their lives after all disappointments and misfortunes they have been through. Written and directed by Dr Ahmed Yerima, Director, National Troupe, “The Sisters” is one long tortuous movement of shocking revelations that demonstrates the fact that humanity is flawed and that we know very little about ourselves and the world.

Stage play produced in 2004 & 2006

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