Dr Tony Rapu

Board Member

Pastor Dr. Tony Rapu is a medical doctor, filmmaker, life coach and the Senior Pastor of the House of Freedom

His vision is to bring about developmental change to lives and communities by reaching out to different demographics through strategic interventions. He has developed innovative methods and solutions in tackling issues such as drug addiction, urban poverty, and community development. He undertakes this work in his role as Freedom Foundation’s Chairman Board of Trustees. Through mission and ministry, he continues to bring purpose, empowerment and life-changing opportunities to numerous people.

He has also produced and edited short films documenting his work ‘on the field’, including the critically acclaimed “My Lagos Diaries” documentary series. As a life coach, he has had an impact on the career of so many people in positions of authority in both the public and private sectors.

Dr Tony Rapu leads the Building Nigeria Project, an initiative where he visits various communities to get first hand experience of the challenges many face just trying to survive in the city.

The Freedom Foundation led by Dr. Tony Rapu engages three basic projects which include

  1. Genesis House Project
  2. House of Refuge

The House of Refuge (HOR) is a drug rehabilitation and resource center which caters specifically for the rehabilitation needs of drug and alcohol dependent persons. Established in 2006. HOR provides medically assisted detoxification to individuals age 17- 59, struggling with addiction to alcohol and controlled substances such as: prescription medicine, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, crack, codeine, etc. With a facility that caters to men and women, HOR also reintegrates drug dependent individuals back to the society and equip them with life skills required to assume personal responsibility for their future.

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